Formation - Second Year ~ Novitiate

The second year of formation is the year of candidacy (or the novitiate), during which the new members continue to discern their vocations, begin to practice the daily obligations to which they will commit themselves at the end of this second year, begin to participate more in the life of the chapter, the larger group. Candidates are welcomed to the study meetings of the senior group as well as to their own mandatory meetings.

The focus of study for the candidates is the Beatitudes, the standards by which Christians come to resemble the Master, basic standards for Christian living and certainly, therefore, for Dominican life. candidates are encouraged to facilitate their meetings, to prepare and present the material, and to lead their Liturgy of the Hours.


  • Early Dominicans (Tugwell, OP)
  • a book on the Beatitudes
  • a Breviary (Christian Prayer)

Candidates attend all formation meetings and to take an active part. Toward the end of this second year, the candidates write a letter to the chapter council requesting to make their profession. If accepted by the council, the candidates promise to observe the Rule and Statutes of the Dominican Laity, and they receive a Dominican cross to wear as symbol of their commitment.

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